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Anti Bird Netting

Protecting the right plants

Anti bird netting is mainly used to protect fruit and vegetable against butterflies, birds, pigeons, rabbits, squirrels, other similar pests and harmful birds. Anti bird mesh can be easily fixed on beds, trees, bushes, and can be used for several seasons. 

As one of the leading anti bird netting suppliers, Meyabond supplies several different types of anti bird netting. The different types of fine plastic mesh netting come in different mesh sizes. It is important to choose the correct mesh size for your particular bird issue. It is critical that birds are unable to get past the netting and get trapped behind the netting or stuck in the netting. The larger the bird, the larger the mesh size should be used.

The color of the bird block mesh is usually in black, green or white; our bird block net is made up of 100% virgin materials of polypropylene and Polyethylene, UV treated, it can have a longer life in the outdoors.

Best Bird Netting 

1. Heavy duty extruded anti bird netting that is a knotted polyethylene

The netting is made up of six monofilaments with each strand 0.0012 thick and twisted together to create a strong twine with 160-200 twists per meter. It is ideal in large areas where pest birds are a problem such as warehouse, canopies, airplane hangars and other overhangs.

2. Knitted anti-bird netting, which is diamond mesh.

3. Extruded bird netting, made up of virgin black PP material, it is diamond and square 3/4 inch mesh,can be cut to any size. It washes clean and folds for easy, compact storage.

Features of Bird Prevention Netting

Longer Life-UV resistance, easy installation and light weight.

Easy to install practical and secure, extremely durable net which lasts for years.

Application of Bird Proof Netting

In the public and private sectors,  bird netting is necessary, since it can be applied in different areas such as:

  • Protection of orchards, vegetable crops, and macro tunnels.

  • Protection of constructions, warehouses, buildings.

  • Protection of churches, ancient monuments.

  • Aquaculture protection.

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