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Anti Insect Netting

Anti insect net, also known as greenhouse insect mesh, insect proof net, and anti aphids thrips mesh. The anti insect mesh offers effective control of the spread of all kinds of harmful pests spread, such as Cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, aphids, flea beetles, Sweet agnate, American leafminer, litura, etc. These anti insect farm nets can also prevent the spread of virus. Antil insect screen net can significantly reduce the use of chemical pesticides so that the planting vegetables are of good quality and health.

Types of Insect Mesh Protection Netting

Meyabond's anti-insect nets are differentiated by hole size (mesh = number of holes per inch). Popular products include anti insect netting (or anti insect net mesh 50), anti insect proof netting, 70 mesh greenhouse anti insect net, etc. The following types of nets are available and are applied based on the type of insects prevalent in the area:

  • 50*25 mesh anti insect net, used for blocking whiteflies, aphids, and leafminer.

  • 40*25 mesh anti insect net, used for partial blocking of whiteflies where climatic conditions do not allow the use of 50 mesh nets.

  • 32 mesh anti insect net used for protection against the Mediterranean fruit fly in peppers.

  • 25 mesh anti insect net used for protection against fruit flies (Mediterranean fruit fly and fig fruit fly) in orchards and vineyards, grape moth and pomegranate deudorix livia. This anti insect net is also used for protection against climatic elements such as hail, wind, and excess solar radiation.

Feature of Anti Insect Netting

  • Round high- strength monofilament construction provides extra tensile strength.

  • High stabilized to be resistent to UV Rays.

  • Original Weaving techniques- to prevent unraveling when cut,screen will keep its strength and stability even if mechanically punctured.

  • Reinforced margin edges eliminate yarn displacement

  • Super accurate weaving -to conform 100% mesh density and shade percentage, Unique screen structure results in maximum air circulation.

  • Lightweight-for easy handling, positioning, installation, and storage

  • Easily cleaned with power sprayers by back flushing

Anti Insect Nets: What We Do
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