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Planting Plants

Ground Cover

Protecting the right plants

Ground cover fabric, also known as 'anti grass cloth', 'weed mat', 'weed barrier', is woven by polypropylene material that stripes on custom dimensions for aid in plant alignment. Our ground cover fabric is UV stabilized to last even in direct sunlight, ideal for sub-Sahara conditions.

The ground cover mesh is mainly used for ground weed prevention, water retention and soil temperature control. Ground cover effectively helps block weed from growing and stealing required nutrients from your plants. Excellent permeability of the weed mat allows water, air, and nutrients to get right to the root of the plants leading to higher yields and lower input costs.

The ground cover saves on expenses such as spraying, labor and time. These premium ground cover fabrics are perfect for suppressing weeds in your  greenhouses, orchards, and nurseries. 

Feature of Ground Cover Mesh

  • Woven and UV Treated- Strong and durable woven fabric for reliable performance

  • Longer Life- UV stabilized for extended life

  • Breathable- Allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through to plant roots for higher yield

  • Palletized or Bundled Delivery - Available in various pre-packed sizes, great for easy loading and unloading.

  • Multiple Widths - Ranging from 3 ft to 16 ft wide. Rolls are folded to a maximum of 8 ft. for easy handling, installation, and storage.

Product - Ground cover fabric, weed mat

  • Color: White or Black

  • Weight: 90gsm-140gsm

  • Warp & weft: 12*11 or 14*11 or 20*12 or 24*12

  • Width: 1m-6m

  • Length: 50m-300m

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