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Date Palm Bag

Date Palm Bag

Citrus Tree Cover

Citrus Tree Cover

Rose Mesh Bag

Rose Mesh Bag

Fruit Mesh Bag

Fruit Mesh Bag

Citrus Tree Covers

Citrus Tree Covers

Mesh Bags

Protecting the right plants

Mesh bags, also known as plant protector bags, are made of high-quality see-through mesh cloth with PE Material, which is UV resistant. Currently we supply three main plant protector bags, that is, fruit protection mesh bags, date harvest mesh bags, and fruit tree bags. The fruit protection mesh bags are well used for fruits and vegetable protection. Our date palm tree net mesh bag has white and black forms and can effectively shield your ripening fruit. The fruit protection mesh bags are eco-friendly and widely used for garden and agricultural applications. The size and mesh of our plant protector bags can be customzied according to your needs.

Fruit Mesh Bags

Fruit mesh bags are also named garden netting bags, which are used for fruits and vegetable protection, such as mango, dragon fruit, tomato, eggplant, cucumber and so on. Fruit netting bags for safe and effective barrier excludes many types of pests, including insects, aphids, birds, and other animals. The mesh size of the fruit protection mesh bags is 0.03x0.03in, which is made of soft, stretchy and strong material. Such fruit protection net bags are reusable. With rope on the edge, our fruit protection bags are easy to install and provide a well-protected environment.

Applications of Fruit Netting Bags

Mesh bags for fruit trees can also be used in all growing seasons or collection seeds. For different fruit planters, we supply a series of fruit netting bags, including mesh bags for grapes, mesh bags for tomatoes,  banana protection bags, blueberry bush netting bags, mango fruit protection bags, pomegranate protection bags, and so on.

Advantages of Mesh Bags for Fruits and Vegetables

1. The vegetable protection bags and fruit protection net bags are easy to install and cover;

2. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, and anti-pulling with ventilation effect;

3. Wide application to protect fruits and vegetables

Date Palm Mesh Bags

Date palm bags safely protect your valuable fruit. These date palm bags will effectively shield your ripening fruit from preying birds and insects. The bags on palm trees are also great for placing over the entire plant (depending on size), clusters of fruit, or an individual piece of fruit. The palm tree bags are typically applied one time before fruits' maturity and then removed during harvest. The palm tree net can assist in controlled pollination. The palm tree bags offer exclusion in a simple organic strategy that relies on preventing access to pest, their derived viruses, and disease. The date palm mesh bag will simply catch ripening dates and other fruit from falling onto the ground now contributed to a higher yield.

The PE date palm mesh bag has a unique opening and its bottom design helps farmers achieve higher yields. We have black date harvest mesh net bag and white date harvest mesh net bag for customers to choose from.

Fruit Tree Mesh Bags

The fruit tree netting cover is made from wildlife-friendly material, which is less than 1mm mesh in soft white. Our fruit tree covers also have a seal-able opening side. The tree protection bags also provide great frost protection to blossom. The tree bag netting is perfect for citrus, coffee, tomatoes, peppers, avocados, pears, blueberries, cherry, peach, nectarine, apricot, apple trees, etc.

Advantages of Tree Bag Netting

PROTECT YOUR TREE - Use this fruit tree bags to protect your trees from pesky insects and pets. Less than 1mm (0.4") mesh size of the has nicks fruit tree cover is large enough to let moisture and sunlight in but protect from harsh rainfall hail and wind.

SAFE FOR ANIMALS - This outdoor tree protection bags for your plants is small enough to avoid trapping birds, bats, and other unsuspecting wildlife.

EASY TO LIFT - Fruit tree netting bags simply cover your fruit trees and protect them from harsh weather. The tree protection bags come with an easy-to-use "lift over" design with a sealable opening.

ECO-FRIENDLY - The mesh netting for trees protects fruit from cherry, worms, aphids, fruit flies, wasps, birds, frost, heavy rain, hail and other pests without the need for chemical sprays.

YEAR-ROUND - Make sure to use the fruit tree netting bags in the early spring to protect blossoms and then remove for pollination. Use the mesh tree netting in summer and autumn to protect the fruit.

EASY TO INSTALL - Cover fruit tree bags directly; Build a hoop or a grow tunnel, then place the tree mesh netting on the frame, or support the mesh covers by a PVC tube.

HIGH QUALITY - Eco-friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and anti-pulling with ventilation effect.

Application of Tree Bag Netting

The fruit mesh cover is widely used for garden and agricultural purposes, minimizing wind/hail/frost damages, keeping out birds and insects, and enhancing plants. The fruit tree mesh netting can also improve seedling rate and seedling quality.

Mesh Bags: What We Do
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