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Oyster Bags

Oyster bag is made from "virgin" brand new HDPE pellets that offers strong and durable performance.

As one of the most reliable oyster mesh suppliers, we offer customized oyster mesh bags according to each customer's requirements. Our oyster bags for sale vary from 3mm to 24mm of mesh size in square or diamond shape mesh, to customizing shark clips, plastic hard float, foam float, plastic T clips, and lanyard thickness to meet different farming applications and requirements.

Advantages of Oyster Mesh Bags

  • Save Shipping cost: offer container which is then palletized and shrink-wrapped. This enables easy and quick unloading at your location by one person and a forklift.

  • Warranty: All Oyster Mesh products and components are covered by 2 years warranty

High-Density Foam

We have developed a higher density foam with a sealed top finish. Our high density foam is also a larger dimension foam, being 695 x 110 x 60mm.

The overall high density, bigger and thicker design of the plastic oyster mesh bags provides better buoyancy and the top sealed finish ensures longevity under the harsh marine environments.

Stainless Steel 316 Shark Clips

We offer a variety of shark clips to suit exact long line applications. Whether it is 8mm or 10mm lines, we offer a thicker gauge marine grade stainless steel 316L; either in 2.8mm or 3mm gauge. Standard stainless steel 316L shark clips offered in the market are only 2.6mm gauge. The thicker gauge shark clips we offer are able to withstand rough marine conditions and will ensure to provide long service life without breakages.

Stainless Steel 316 C Clamps

The plastic oyster bag netting is all sealed with thick gauge Marine Grade Stainless Steel 316L to ensure no splits and breakages of mesh while in use.

Oyster Bags: What We Do
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