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Namibian Hardwood

Camel Thorn, Mopane & Sickel Bush

All our wood is sourced responsibly and comes with the required approval from various governmental departments. Fumigation certificates and export clearance is also handled by our capable team. We can provide customised packaging or standard hessian woven bags.

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Camel Thorn braai/bbq wood

Camel Thorn

The classic bbq wood. Due to its very high density the flames burn hot and crisp with a wonderful aroma. The coals stay hot for very long making it a favourite for barbeque masters.

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Mopane is an extremely hard wood! It burns long and the coals stay warm for the longest period of time out of all our firewood.  The wood is so hard it is difficult to cut and chunky pieces are common.

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Sickle bush.jpg

Sickle Bush

Still a very dense wood, but the 'softest' out of the three options. This also means it burns faster with a bright orange/red flame. Coals are great to cook on

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